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Explore the The Great Silk Road

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"I am very much impressed by the fabulous tour along the Aral Sea. I appreciate support of the Ayimtour company and hope to come to Karakalpakstan again in the nearest future."

"Thank you very very much for the unforgetfull memories about this fabulous country! I hope to come back here again with my friends. And we will stay in JIPEK-JOLI again!"

"Хочу выразить благодарность гидам и сотрудникам туристической компании. Мне было очень интересно и познавательно с вами! Надеюсь еще раз приехать."

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Dear guests, Thank You for visiting our website! We invite you to visit our Republic of Karakalpakstan and explore its amazing history, rich culture, and unique customs and traditions. Thousands of people that visit the country every year enjoy visiting ancient cities and historical sites of the Great Silk Road. They learn insightful legends and myths full of secrets and mysteries and are always met with the hospitality of people that managed to preserve their culture, their way of life and their traditional trades.

Employees of Ayim-Tour will be very happy to meet you in our country. It is a great honour and pleasure for us to meet guests, show them our country, take them to sightseeings and tell them about culture and traditions of Karakalpak people. Also we offer incredible tours to the ancient archeological cities, to the most popular Museum of Igor Savitsky (It contains most incredible and priceless art collection) and extreme tours to the dying Aral sea. All other details you can find in our links given above.

News and updates

Our new building of second hotel is operating already. We have there cafe/restaurant and 10 rooms that are fully decorated with modern style.

Happy New 2012 Year! Our team of Hotel "Jipek Joli" and Ayimtour Company wishing you to have prosperous year! May this year be joyous and meaningful to you and to your families! And also if you haven't been yet in our country then we invite you to do so because very interesting tours are awaiting for you to be explored!

Dear friends, our hotel is expanding and soon enough will be presenting another new building of our hotel with more rooms. We will reveal all details later on.

We have renovated our hotel and we are happy to present 8 more comfortable rooms: 5 luxury rooms and 3 VIP rooms. Also we have opened a new cafe in our hotel and a conference hall for 60 persons. So, we will be glad to have you as a guest in our Jipek Joli Hotel!

Please, find out our new prices for staying in our hotel on this page.

So, after a lot of hardwork and with a help of our great friends our website was finaly translated into English and launched. Please, if you have any comments and/or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via this page. Or you can leave your opinion in our guestbook.

Did you know that..

Nukus was mentioned in 1883 by the Hungarian scientist Armin Vambery as “a village comprised of a number of yurts and surrounded by a cob wall”, and by 1939 it had already become the capital of Karakalpakstan.

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