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Modern History

On December 14, 1990 the Republic of Karakalpakstan was proclaimed sovereign in the territory of Uzbekistan. On August 31, 1991 this case took its reflection in the law “Bases of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan ”. On April 9, 1993 the constitution of Republic of Karakalpakstan was adopted. On December 2, 1992 the state flag, on April 9, 1993 the emblem, and on December 4, 1993 – the national anthem  was adopted.
During the years of the national independence the bases of norms and law of the republic were significantly enhanced. The activity of the new administrative structures of the government was put into action. Seenteen administrative units, local self-regulation authorities of the citizens and more than 200 social organizations have been formed here.

The republic of Karakalpakstan is a sovereign democratic republic in the territory of Uzbekistan. It came into being on October 14, 1924. The area of the republic is 166,600square kilometers. The republic consists of 14 districts, 12 cities and 124 villages (suburban areas). The capital of the republic is the city of Nukus. According to the statistics from January 1, 2010 the total population of Karakalpakstan was 1630,600. The largest city of the republic is the capital city Nukus with a population of 274.200. Other big cities are Khodjeyli, Takhiatash, Chimbay, Beruni, Turtkul and Kungrad.

Karakalpakstan is a sovereign democratic republic with a parliamentary form of government. The highest state representative organ is the Jokargi Kenes (Supreme Council) of Karakalpakstan. It implements laws and consists of the deputies elected for a period of five years from different parties. The chairman of the Jokargi Kenes is the head of state. He is elected among the deputies of the Jokargi Kenes for a period of five years no more than two times running.