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Aral Sea Tours

The Aral Sea today is the famous inland sea-turned-desert, the one historians and environmental scientists still place among the worst ecological disasters ever. It is located between deserts in the middle of Central Asia and was fed by two big rivers: Amudarya and Syrdarya. The Sea was a home for uncountable animals, birds, fish and provided subsistence for thousands of people. But within a few decades of human covetousness led to desiccation of the Sea and ecological distress and social problems in the region…

The visitors are offered to experience one of the most exciting tours to the coast of the Aral Sea and see the unusual beauty of Karakalpak land along with consequences of one of the World’s greatest tragedies of 20th century.

Both eco-tours developed by Ayimtour Travel Agency lead to the coast of the Aral Sea. Travellers are offered to see such amazing places as ancient sacred complex of Mizdahkan, natural salt deposit Barsa-Kelmes, fishermen’s settlement at Sudochie Lake, incredible Ustyurt Plateau, archeological sites, city of Muynak and ships graveyard and much more..

This is a unique opportunity to see the disappearing sea and its shrinking coastline, the stiffened history of centuries along with the mode of life of people left face to face with a global disaster, and for sure unearthly beauty of the nature of this region.

The routes were developed with the recommendations and advises of many experts and tourists. They are safe and accompanied by experienced guides and drivers who make this trip possible. The trip is saturated with impressive views and sights.

An important notice, that all our drivers have license for providing travel services. So, in order avoid possible problems if you travel with another agency or private drivers, please, make sure that they have this valid license.

Please, see our gallery of interesting photos from the trips to the Aral Sea.

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Shared tours

We are also organasing so-called "share-tours" - for the travellers who wish to share tour cost with other people. So, if your travel plans meet the schedule of other travellers and you are ready to share free seats in the car - this is a great chance to save money and meet interesting people.

Scheduled tours schedule (constantly renewed!)

Date Tour Days/nights Available seats
November 17-18, 2018 Nukus-Mizdahkan-Kungrad-Ustyurt Plateau-Sudochie lake-Aral Sea-Muynak-Nukus 2/1 2