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First, the hotel: I really enjoyed my two nights there! I had lovely rooms, clean, well-equipped, very comfortable! Breakfast was typically Uzbek (what I think is a must, because I want to meet the whole country which means including local meals and food instead of globalized standard breakfast as usual) and delicious! And, above all, I enjoyed the really nice, friendly, helpful and professional English speaking staff!

So, I‘d warmly recommend Jipek Joli to anybody who would like to have a lovely stay in Nukus! 

The trip to Aral Sea was ... simply a great and unforgettable experience for me! For ages I‘d been reading newspaper articles and books, I‘ve seen documentaries on TV, a cinema movie about the Aral Sea Disaster, and above all, Aral Sea is given as an example of how mankind‘s activities can cause environmental problems at German school curriculums. So I have had it in my science and English lessons quite often. And now I was there: in Moynak, at the ship cemetery, on the former seabed, on Ustyurt plateau, on the beach, and by the sea - at least what’s now the rest of it! I felt really excited and - in a way - even touched! We had a very good, well-experienced driver (Kazim, very nice guy!), we had plenty of time for photos and enjoying and looking at the landscape and the breathtaking sceneries, we could learn a lot about Karakalpakstan and the Aral Sea - or at least I did! And the last stop in Midzakhan including a guided tour around the hill and the cemetery was absolutely worth it, too!

One aspect, that I think is a very, very good and important idea, has to be pointed out: I‘ve already had a similar experience with Envoy Hostel in Jerevan/Armenia. They offer different day and one two day trips around Armenia. All these trips include a meal at lunchtime with a local family, and one of their tours even have an overnight stay with a local family including dinner and breakfast the next day.

On our two days trip to the Aral Sea, we also had lunch with a family in Moynak, and we stayed overnight in the Yurt Camp (which, by the way, was another unique experience that I enjoyed much!) run by locals. Involving locals and ordinary people this way means one more source of income for them, and they can offer local and traditional food and meals for travelers, they can meet people from abroad (and travelers can meet locals!), and there’s a chance for a nice and interesting conversation which is worth for both sides. Having meetings like that is the essential benefit of tourism as it should be like best!

So, to sum it up: I‘m very, very happy about and satisfied with everything I could experience with Jipek Joli and Ayimtours! Following what Lonely Planet recommends is generally and always the best idea, and this has brought me to you!

Take care and all the best!

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