The Shared Tours

Shared tours

We organize shared tours for tourists wishing to share the cost with others. If your plans coincide with other fellow co-travelers and are ready to share some room in the car, then this is a convenient and great way to save money and get acquainted with new people!

NEW: We have scheduled ready dates for group bookings up to 11 people. Please see below the schedule. Discounts are applied for large group bookings.

Please note: One off-road car takes up to 4 people, not including the driver. "Available seats" - means the number of seats available per car. 

The cost breakdown of a 2 days/1 night Aral sea shared tour: 

When you (1 person) share with 1 tourist then each tourist pays $305 USD cash. When you (1 person) share with 2 more tourists then each tourist pays $221 USD cash. If there are 4 tourists then each pays $180 USD cash. If your co-traveler/s won't show up (cancel at last moment, get sick, etc;) then we can do a discount on the tour date.

All prices shown above don't include guide fees. Guide services cost an additional $100; you can share the cost of the guide services with up to 2 co-traveler/s (max 4 people per car). There are exceptions: when there are two off-road cars leaving for the tour on the same day and both have hired guides and one of the guides can't make it, the tourists from both off-road cars can share the one guide.

Each Aral Sea tour price includes an off-road car with a professional driver (also includes a rescue car if something happens to the first car), four meals, including snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and a yurt or guesthouse stay (only optional when the weather is cold; eg. November, December, January and February). Hiring a guide is optional. We also offer meetings with professional guides for $40 who can explain the tour details and answer your questions.

All drivers are professional and fully licensed. They don't speak English but understand a little. That is why it is recommended to hire a tour guide. We aim to hire only professional guides, but occasionally we also have student guides as well for half the price. We recommend booking a guide ahead of time as they get booked up pretty fast.

We also accept group tours (discounts applied for group tours) for a max of 15 people - 4 off-road cars. Please email us at to inquire about private, shared or group tours.

Scheduled tours ready to be shared (constantly renewed!):

Date Tour Itinerary Days/nights Available seats
March, 20-30(tour can be hold during this period) Aral Sea Tour 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT 3
May 5-6th Aral Sea Tour 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT 2