The Shared Tours

Discover the Wonders of Karakalpakstan with Us

Welcome to a remarkable journey through the hidden gems of Karakalpakstan, a destination brimming with untamed beauty and cultural richness. At Ayimtour Travel, we are your guides to unforgettable experiences, offering a diverse range of tour options that can be tailored to your individual preferences. While we present a variety of captivating tours, our Aral Sea expedition stands as a crown jewel among them.

Tailored Tours for Unique Explorations

Understanding that every traveler's desires are distinct, we take pride in curating tours that resonate with your personal tastes. Amid these options, our Aral Sea tour shines as a beacon of popularity, allowing you to immerse yourself in an enchanting journey.

Shared Adventures for Thrifty Explorers

Embracing the spirit of camaraderie and adventure, we provide a unique opportunity for cost-conscious explorers to connect with fellow travelers. If your plans align and you're willing to share a portion of your journey, a shared tour promises not only monetary savings but also the chance to forge new friendships.

Example of a shared 2 days/1 night Aral Sea Tour cost breakdown:

Solo Traveler Sharing with One Tourist: When you share your adventure with another traveler, each of you pays only $310 USD in cash.

Solo Traveler Sharing with Two More Tourists: If you're open to more companions, sharing with two other tourists brings the cost down to $227 USD per person, payable in cash.

Group of Four Tourists: Traveling with a group? Enjoy a reduced rate of $190 USD per person in cash when there are four of you sharing the experience.

Flexible Discounts for Last-Minute Changes

We understand that plans can change unexpectedly. If your co-traveler(s) can't make it due to unforeseen circumstances, such as last-minute cancellations or illness, we offer special discounts for those who are still eager to embark on the tour.

Guided Tours: Enhancing Your Experience

Guide Fees: Our professional guides can enhance your journey with their expertise. Guide services are available at $100, or for a more extensive experience with guides boasting many years of experience, it's $150. You can share this cost with up to two co-travelers (a maximum of four people per car).

Shared Guide Experience: In unique cases where two off-road cars with guides are scheduled for the same day and one guide becomes unavailable, tourists from both cars can share a single guide to make the most of your adventure.

Choosing a Guide: Enriching Your Exploration

Guide Assistance: While our drivers are professional and licensed, they have limited English proficiency. To fully grasp the rich history and landscape of the Aral Sea, we recommend hiring a tour guide.

Guide Variety: Our guides range from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic student guides available at a discounted rate.

Guide Booking: To secure the best guide for your journey, it's advisable to book in advance, as our guides' schedules fill up quickly.

Comprehensive Package Inclusions

Each Aral Sea tour package is designed to provide you with a seamless and immersive experience:

  • An off-road car with a skilled driver is at your service, with a backup rescue car for added peace of mind.
  • Indulge in four delicious meals throughout the day, complete with snacks and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Enjoy comfortable accommodations, including a yurt or guesthouse stay (optional during colder months such as November, December, January, and February). 

Group Tours: Uniting Travelers

We also cater to group tours, offering discounts for groups of up to 15 people across four off-road cars. For inquiries about private, shared, or group tours, please contact us at

Embark on an Adventure with Ayimtour Travel today and let the beauty of the Aral Sea unfold before your eyes.

Scheduled tours ready to be shared (constantly renewed!): 2024 Tour Schedule

Date Tour Itinerary Description Days/nights Available seats

31 May / 1 June

Aral Sea Tour We are gathering people for this tour! The price is 227 USD. 2/1 3
8-9 June Aral Sea Tour 2 travelers are seeking co-travelers! 2/1 2
10-11 June Aral Sea Tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 2/1 3
18 June Fortresses of the Ancient Khorezm tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 1 3
22-24 June Barsa Kelmes and Aral Sea tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 3/2 3
19 June Moynaq tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 1 3
29/31 July Expedition to the Aral Sea 1 traveler is looking for companions! 3/2 3
8/10 August Expedition to the Aral Sea 2 travelers are looking for companions 3/2 2
17-18 August Aral Sea tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 2/1 3
1/3 October Expedition to the Aral Sea 1 traveler is looking for companions! 3/2 3
4/5 October Aral Sea Tour 1 traveler is looking for companions! 2/1 3