The City-Temple Under the Sands of Kyzyl Kum

Many researchers believe that Akhuramazda revealed himself to Zaratushtra and started the holy Zoroastrian fire in Khorezm. Indeed, the description of the country provided in Avesta matches Khorezm very much.

Explore the Akhakhan kala  – one ot the largest cities of the Ancient Khorezm.

Please note that this tour program is under being updated soon and the pricing as well. So what's shown here not exactly right.*

Brief description

  • Duration: 6-8 hours
  • Total distance: 170 km to Akshakhan-kala nad 100 km to Khiva
  • Transportation: sedan car, minivan
  • Meals: lunch at the archeologists' camp
  • Season: August-September

Day 1


Breakfast at the Jipek Joli (if you stayed in one of our hotels) and departure from Nukus [1] 


Visit the archaeological museum of Science Academy.  [2]


Start the trip to the Kyzyl Kum Desert. Stop at Shylpyk Dakhma and then drive to the archaeological base near to Akshakan fortress. [3]


Arrival at the base of archaeologists. Change to the off-road car which will take you through sandy roads to the place where archaeological excavations are being held. [4] 


Meeting a group of archaeologists. Participation in excavations.
Excursion on soft sand dunes of Kizilkum desert. [5]


Return to the base. Lunch. [6]


Departure to Khiva. [7]

* If you want to visit other fortresses then let us know before the tour starts and we can add one or two more fortresses into the tour program after you are done with Akshakhan Qala.

Tour Map
Number of visitors Price per person. Price includes
1 $80

The total price includes:

  • Transport fees

The price DOES NOT include:

  • Fees for visiting the places (from $0.5 to $2-2.5 per person)
  • Meals and alcoholic beverages
  • Overnight yurt camp stay at Ayaz qala - $45 per person per night, includes supper and breakfast.
  • Guide's services - $50
  • Tips to a driver and a guide (optional)
2 $45
3 $35
4* $25