About us

We work hard to provide quality tours and the best experience in exploring Karakalpakstan

AyimTour Travel Agency started operating in 2005. Since then we are serving hundreds of tourists each year who get unforgettable experiences from the tours and return home with memories that last a lifetime.

We offer extreme eco-tours to the disappearing Aral Sea, day tours to Muynak, to the Fortresses of Ancient Khorezm and other tours around Karakalpakstan. Each itinerary is unique and was created carefully taking into account the recommendations of local professional guides, scientists and some experienced tourists. Some of the many sights are Barsa-Kelmes' natural salt deposit (only available for a 3-day tour), the fishermen's settlement at Sudochie Lake, Ustyurt Plateau's incredible scenery, archeological sites, the city of Muynak (ships' graveyard) and much more. Our professional drivers and guides are fully licensed and trained.

Each tour described on our website includes opportunities to add excursions to create a special tour package.
So book your tour today and gain an unforgettable experience!