About us

We work hard to provide quality tours and the best experience in exploring Karakalpakstan

Our travel agency’s humble beginnings took off in 1999 as nothing more than a small private museum, opened by the children of famous Karakalpak people. Originally meant as an act of dedication to their famous father and mother and their great cultural contributions to the development of Karakalpak art and literature, this small private museum is now the bedrock of our flourishing hotel business and travel agency. Ayimtour Travel Agency is the proud pioneer of tour business in Karakalpakstan, being the first-ever agency to own a legal license to provide tours and open the gates to the ethereal desert beauty of the Karakalpak region to tourists since 2005. Since then, we are serving hundreds of tourists each year who get unforgettable experiences from the tours and return home with memories that last a lifetime.